F245-037-000 Transfer of Care Card 04-2014. Index: TCARE. Fax to: 360-902- 4567. Or. Mail to: ... Claims Section. PO Box 44291. Olympia WA 98504-4291.
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This month Washington State beginsissuing newly designed driver licensesand ID cards aimed at better protectingresidents from identity theft this newcollege system has incredible securityfeatures in it that will really decreasethe amount of counterfeit cards thatexist out in the in the world there'sjust so much identity theftout there that it's really importantthat we go through that process so thatwe protect the citizens of Washingtonthe backside of cards will have uniquebarcode information and ultraviolet inkon the front side all cards will featurea new color at the top for example adriver license will have a blue headercolor the color of the enhanced driverlicenses header is salmon this is adocument that is more than a driver'slicense or approval to drive it's youridentification document and so it doesallow us to take advantage of technologythat exists today to ensure that theidentity of the person is secured thatthe document is secure these cards willfirst be issued at select licensingoffices we elected to roll this out in aphased approach rolling out severaloffices per week we plan to start in theFebruary time period and sometime thissummer we would finish the roll out toall of our 56 offices so what about yourcurrent license or ID card don't worryyou won't need to take any special stepsyou would continue with your driver'slicense that you have in place untilyou're up for renewal that driver'slicense is still valid and adjustableyou know a document that you can use andas your driver's license expires thenyou would come in and get the newdocument so we plan to transition youknow people as their license expiredtemporary driver licenses and temporaryID cards will also look different thesedocuments will be printed on a fullsheet of paper and will not include aphoto it's very similar to when youlearning your driver's license onlineone of the major reasons to the changeis that the current temporary driver'slicense is so similar toyour original driver's license that youget in the mail that it creates thisfalse sense of security and people arerelying on it as if it is an originaldocument and it definitely is mucheasier to create fraud using thattemporary document so we wanted to moveaway from that to not create theperception that it is an originaldocument and also to prevent fraud fromhappening as the state developed all ofthese changes it sought an opportunityat its licensing offices to it was agreat opportunity for us to look atprocess improvement and a look at howour customers flowed through the officea decision was made to change that flowupon arriving at a licensing office acustomer's first contact will now bewith someone who will review theirdocuments making sure the customerbrought the required documentation forobtaining a driver license or ID cardthis will save our customers a lot oftime they won't have to sit...